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We specialize in providing innovative solutions for Texas clients (and other USA and international clients) with foundations on expansive soil or with foundations requiring rigid floor slabs for other types of soil.


What projects benefit from using Wafflemat?Wafflemat solution for expansive soils


The Wafflemat Foundation Forming System is used on concrete foundations for:

(1)    Custom home builders

(2)    Volume home builders

(3)    Commercial building constructors

(4)    Light industrial building constructors

(5)    Agricultural building constructors

(6)    Do-It-Yourself builders


Note:  Foundations using the Wafflemat system must be designed by a licensed Civil or Structural Engineer experienced in the design of concrete foundations on expansive soil, using soil test data provided by a licensed Geotechnical Engineer.


We do more than just sell!

We will work with you and your engineer and architect to find innovative foundation solutions using Wafflemat.  We have years of experience providing the Wafflemat Foundation Forming System for different types of concrete foundations on a spectrum of expansive and non-expansive soil.

  • We will connect you to licensed professional engineers who are experienced in designing foundations with Wafflemat.
  • If you prefer to hire the services of licensed engineers you know and trust, we will explain the Wafflemat system to them.  Design software commonly used in Texas can also be used in the design of Wafflemat foundations.
  • When you choose Wafflemat, we will explain how the Wafflemat system is installed to your foundation contractor.
  • Remember, using Wafflemat is very simple; and it can be used with both post-tension and rebar primary reinforcement.

 We will help you find foundation solutions!

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