Wafflemat System Benefits:

Multiple benefits of the Wafflemat System

  1. Forms voids on the underside of the foundation slab that absorb the increasing volume of expanding soil, thereby minimizing uplift forces on the foundation.
  2. Provides a rigid foundation slab, due to the maximum 36 inches unsupported slab length in two directions.
  3. It is an engineered foundation system designed for the specific house design geometry and loads, and for the site soil conditions determined by a licensed Geotechnical Engineer.
  4. Results in a much lower carbon footprint, and can be used in LEED projects.
  5. Easily used by production, custom, and do-it-yourself builders using plans prepared by a licensed Civil or Structural Engineer.
  6. Can be built very quickly with simple hand labor and tools.
  7. Works with either PT cable or rebar primary reinforcement.
  8. Minimizes soil excavation, off-haul, and in-haul.
  9. Allows very accurate material quantity estimating, thereby minimizing wastage, and can be easily and thoroughly inspected, in order to ensure a high level of quality control.


Note:  Foundations using the Wafflemat system must be designed by a licensed Civil or Structural Engineer experienced in the design of concrete foundations on expansive soil, using soil test data provided by a licensed Geotechnical Engineer.


About the Waffleboxes:

  1. Workers can stand on Waffleboxes during installation and pouring of concrete.  Note that the flexing of Waffleboxes when stood upon by construction workers is acceptable and part of the Wafflebox design.
  2. They provide an excellent, heavy, and permanent moisture barrier under the slab, due to the coverage and wall thickness of the Wafflebox under the floor slab.
  3. They provide an insulating dead air space under the slab.
  4. They are made from polypropylene co-polymer, such as is widely used in the food and automotive industries.

Wafflemat System for expansive soils - WaffleboxWafflebox Dimensions - Side View

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