Hybrid Wafflemat

The Wafflemat Foundation Forming System allows concrete foundations to be built directly on expansive soil, because the voids created by Wafflemat under the foundation slab absorb a large amount of the volume change of expansive soil.  Hybrid foundations can be designed specifically to incorporate Wafflemat.

The two primary benefits of using Wafflemat are that it (1) creates void space under concrete foundations to absorb expanding soil, and (2) creates more rigid concrete slabs, because of the more closely spaced beams under the slab.

Wafflemat can be used successfully with either post-tensioned or rebar reinforcement.


Examples of existing foundation systems that can benefit from a hybrid design with Wafflemat are:


Wafflemat as a Substitute for Carton Forms Wafflemat with Structural Slab on Piers
Wafflemat as Substitute for Carton Forms - Thumbnail Wafflemat™ with Structural Slab on Piers - Thumbnail
Wafflemat with Soil Moisture Cut-Off Wall Wafflemat with Uniform Thickness Slab
Wafflemat™ with Soil Cut-Off Wall - Thumbnail Wafflemat™ Uniform Thickness Slab - Thumbnail
Wafflemat with Bagged Fill Foundation
Wafflemat™ with Bagged Fill Foundation - Thumbnail

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