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Wafflemat is a smart investmentWhen it comes to spending your money on your house, always look for solutions that represent the best value.  Building the house of your dreams, or building it for somebody else, should always include finding the best combination of performance, quality, and price–starting at the foundation.

Remember that the foundation of a house is the most important part.  Why?  A very simple answer is if the foundation fails the house structure will be damaged.  You can spend a lot of money to build a beautiful house, but if the foundation fails and the house structure is damaged, will you be happy?  Probably not.

What can you do to ensure a damage-free foundation?  Depending on the soil conditions for your building site (such as expansive soil), using Wafflemat might be the cheapest and best performing option for your house.


Wafflemat smart investment 3Traditional foundation types used in Texas have had more than enough time to demonstrate that even when they have been used for 30 years or more, they are not always the best solutions.  If you doubt this statement, just look for foundation repair companies in the yellow pages.  You will find lots of them.  Doesn’t it seem strange to you that there are so many foundation repair companies in Texas?  Well, ask yourself why is that?  One of the answers is that traditional foundation types do not always work, because they are not always designed to minimize the forces of expansive soil and provide enough rigidity in the floor slabs.


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Shouldn’t foundations be designed and built right the first time?  Why settle for the excuse “All foundations in Texas fail”?  No, something doesn’t make sense.  You should not have to settle for foundation damage in the first place, nor should you have to water the soil around your house, in order to minimize foundation damage.



Wafflemat smart investment 4If you are concerned about the lifetime cost of your house, you should be aware of this reality: A foundation repair may cost from several thousand dollars up to several tens of thousands of dollars or more.  Just ask people who have had their foundations repaired.  This cost doesn’t include the value and importance of your time, the daily hassle your family will have to endure, and the disruption of moving out of all or part of your house while the repairs are being done.  The long term cost of building a Wafflemat foundation on expansive soil will almost always be less–because it works.


Foundation repairs are more expensive than you might think, and they do not always fully fix the real cause of your foundation failure.  The expansive soil will most likely still be underneath your house, and when it expands again the uplifting forces may cause additional damage to your foundation.

The Wafflemat Foundation Forming System was designed for use in foundations on expansive soils, and it allows your engineers to design foundations that work.

Forget about the cost and hassle of foundation repairs.  Forget about watering your foundation, especially in a drought.

Contact us for the cost of Wafflemat for your house or project.


 Be smart, think smart, build smart. 

Design it and build it right the first time with Wafflemat.


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