Problems with expansive soil?

You have come to the right place! We have THE solution for your expansive soil problems. Whether for your dream home, commercial buildings, volume home construction, or industrial projects, foundations using Wafflemat can be easily designed to serve your particular needs.

What is Wafflemat™?

Wafflemat™ is a foundation forming system that creates voids underneath the slab, to provide space for the expansive soil to move into. Wafflemat™ creates a very rigid slab, while minimizing the effect of uplifting forces onto the structure.

Wafflemat™ as a Hybrid System

Wafflemat™ can also be used as a hybrid system to enhance most existing foundation designs that are currently used in Texas. It can be used with either post-tensioned or rebar reinforcement, and works with expansive soil and other types of problematic soils.

Benefits of Wafflemat™

Wafflemat™ provides a wide variety of benefits that include excellent performance, cost savings, sustainable components, and easy installation. Please read about all the benefits that Wafflemat™ will provide you and your project.

Used for over 20 years without structural failures

We have provided the Wafflemat Foundation Forming System to builders who have successfully built over 12 million sq. ft. of foundations within the U.S. and Mexico. After more than 20 years of experience, we are proud to say that Wafflemat is the best solution for expansive soils.
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